Exciting travel ideas

Gipka beach is a white sandy coast on which there is a beach specially equipped for relaxation, as well as a parking for cars. Here you can enjoy the view of the Baltic Sea, away from the noisy city.

White dunes Purciems. During an archaeological study, it became for certain that the Stone Age Fishermen, 4200 years ago, were used as a habitat, most of the dunes, which are located at a distance of 300-600 meters from the sea.

If you walk along the path along the coast of the Pilsupīte river, you can see the changes that occurred during the influence of people and time on nature.

Cliff “Evazi”. This cliff is the highest point of the coast of the Riga Gulf. Its height is 8-15 meters, length 2.6 km. The cliff is located on the road to Cape Kola, on the border of the Salter National Park. An incredible view of the sea opens from it. It can be seen even from Cape Kolka. This route is quite compatible with a visit to Cape Kolka. By the way, there is something to see here: Orthodox, Latin and Evangelist churches Kolki, the ruins of the old Lighthouse of the cape, the monument “lost in the sea”.

The coast of the Baltic Sea. During the tourist path, there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the nature and history of Kurzem, and actively relax. Ventspils and Liepai are the two largest cities of the Kurzemsky coast of the Baltic. These are wonderful points for traveling where you can familiarize yourself with attractions, eat deliciously, conveniently spend the night, actively relax.

You should start a trip to Kurzem with an inspection of estates and locks located in the vicinity of Tukums, since it is Tukums that is called the gate in Kurzem. On the way to Ventspils, you can look into small villages to get acquainted with their landscape values ​​and cultural and historical heritage.

Cities of Kurzem.

One of the most beautiful routes passes through Kuldiga, along the Abava Valley, and through the Suitsky Territory rich in tradition, directly to the steep shores of Jurklana.

In Northern Kurzem, travelers are offered to get acquainted with the diverse nature of the region, look at wild horses, blue cows, listen to birds singing, admire the sunrises of the sun on Cape Kolka, take a walk in nine hills of Talsey, visit the Laumsky Park, meet in it with a bee path, in Dundago Castle meet with a green maiden.

The final point is the city of Liepaya, in which, by giving, the wind is born. You can get to it through the Kurzemsky boiler, the story of which is very rich. In Kurzem, in natural corners, there are church and palaces surrounded by centennial trees, estates, commemorative places of world wars. Also on the way to Liepai meets the city of Saldus and the city of Aizput.