Loire River Valley locks

Loire River Valley – a favorite resting place for French aristocrats. Attracts this area of ​​tourists, first of all, with its wonderful architecture. In the region there are more than 300, built in the Middle Ages and during the time of the Renaissance, castles and palaces. The oldest objects of those that have been preserved to this day in excellent condition are to the 9th century. Then these majestic buildings were built for defense from Viking attacks. Over time, the locks were overlined by stone fortress walls with towers, loopholes and divorce bridges. During the restructuring to the fortresses, additional wings were completed, which gave strongholds the form of elaborate residences. The most beautiful parks were usually broken around them, which France is proud to today. Loire Valley captivates visitors atmosphere, nature and architectural heritage. One of the most famous castles is the residence of Louis XII, located in Blois. This wonderful object made of brick and stone, very bright and spacious, was subjected to repeated restructuring. The largest castle over the Loire is the fortress in the shamboard – the reference object of the Renaissance era, the creation of King Francis I. It is characterized by numerous towers and architectural elements, has 440 rooms and magnificent balcony terraces, with which kings and magnates usually watched the hunting nearby. A little south, in the area of ​​Sheverni, you can see a castle built in the 17th century, which was preserved in its original form along with equipment, paintings and weapons. The most picturesque castles in the river valley include the structure in Shanonso, surrounded by chic parks. This castle was built at the request of the king’s bride and, who, for centuries, was in charge of women exclusively. This is a great place for an independent journey. A royal castle rises above the city of Ambois, which was the residence of Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII and Francis I. Here, the last years of his life was spent by Leonardo da Vinci. In Villander in the 16th century, on the site of the old fortress, a new beautiful castle was built, surrounded by a moat, and three -level renaissance gardens were broken around, which can be attributed to the list of world objects. It is also worth visiting the lock in Shignon, located on a high hill, which was the residence of Henry II and Cardinal Richelie. This is far from all places that can be seen by moving along the valley. Loire Valley castles are beautiful structures that are witnesses to the history of France. It is best to go to this region by car or bicycle. This will provide us with complete freedom of action and allow us to slowly visit the selected castles and palaces.