Florence is the most beautiful city of Italy

The excursion tour of Rome-Florence allows travelers to know the charm of the city of Renaissance, located in the heart of Tuscany. There are shops and elegant buildings, interesting squares and medieval streets, beautiful cathedrals and magnificent Italian museums. Florence is most popular among tourists who travel to Italy, and on its territory many excellent attractions have been preserved. The largest number of architectural masterpieces is concentrated in the Central Storico area – a compact historical center.

Professional individual guides in Florence will show guests of the solar Italian city the best attractions, including the Palazzo Veckoi and Signoria Square. The spacious square is located in the heart of the historical region, and it is decorated with romantic exhibits located right in the open air. Signoria loggia has retained several important statues, including a copy of David – a sculpture created by the Great Michelangelo. Since the Middle Ages, the Signoria Square has been the Florentine political center.

Here the medieval palace of Vecheko, the city town hall and other masterpieces of architecture rises. In the luxurious Palazzo Vecko, there are now private apartments and richly decorated public premises available to guests of the city. Many restaurants and beautiful cafes are concentrated around the square, where tourists can have a great snack. Duomo Cathedral is the most popular Florentine attraction. The construction of a huge Gothic church began back in 1296, and believers were able to pray here only after the solemn consecration of the cathedral, which was carried out in 1436.

20,000 visitors can fit in the Duomo Cathedral, and the facade of the temple is decorated with white, pink and green marble. The appearance of the medieval temple is complemented by interesting statues that attract the eyes of the guests of Florence. The masterpiece of construction can be called an unusual dome, the configuration of which was developed by the Italian architect Brunelleschi. The oldest building of Florence is the Baptisteria built in the XI century dedicated to John the Baptist.

This pearl of architecture is decorated with white and green marble, and you can get inside by going through one of the three bronze doors. In the interior of Baptisteria there is a mosaic floor of the zodiac, as well as other images laid out of mosaics. In the middle of Piazza del duomo, the bell tower of the Campanille, developed by the Great Giotto, rises. And travelers can be recommended to climb the stairs with 414 steps to admire the panorama of Florence and the cathedral.