Hot Thailand, cold Norway and a sea of ​​colors of the whole world

Few of us know exactly what they want. Someone strives for heat and the sun, someone for centuries-old trees and forests, someone to snow and mountains, and someone longs for music, dancing and fun. And there are those that are drawn to everything and at once. Our world is so diverse that everyone will find a place to embody their fantasies.

Let it be summer!

Who does not dream of an eternal summer? But dreams can come true. There is an amazing place where there is no end to the sea, sand and the sun – Thailand. He gained his popularity not only thanks to a warm climate, but because he has the ability to combine incompatible. Excellent service and all the benefits of civilization here are adjacent to the untouched nature and wild tribes living in impassable jungle. Yachts and cars near exotic animals and plants. And their kitchen excites the imagination. The magazines all the time upload a photo of fruit from Thailand and various dishes. Yes, unfortunately, before that it was possible to see Thailand fruits in the photo, and only. And now it is open to the whole world and to each of us.

And the whole world at our feet!

How not to believe in the existence of God, after visiting the Norwegian fjords? This is impossible. After all, standing there and observing all this majestic beauty, you will involuntarily begin to feel like them. You are overwhelmed with a wide variety of feelings that simply cover you with your head and understand that now everything is subject to you. A grandiose spectacle is breathtaking and circles the head. Fjords of Norway formed for a very long time and in translation their name means “bay”. And when it seems that it is impossible to see something even more impressive, it is worth visiting the Norwegian fjords during the northern lights. And after that you will forever give your heart Norway.

Joy, dancing, laughter!

Like it, but a person is a collective creature, and the love of the crowd is laid down in genetics. Therefore, we are so captured by the sight of carnivals and festivals. One of the best carnivals in the world are considered Venetian, Cologne, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, on Peloponeses and Nice. Everyone heard about them and more than once. And it is not at all surprising that the best carnivals of the world are so discussed. These are the holidays of laughter and fun, on which everyone is happy with each other, and strangers meet like the closest friends. Costume and makeup – reincarnation is over. Bright colors and unforgettable impressions. As a guest of one country, you can see a piece from all over the world and even move in time.