The pearl of Turkey

The resort city of Istanbul is located on the northwestern bank of Turkey, on the territory where the Black and Marmage Seas came together. This feature of the location makes it possible to swim in two seas, which is attractive to tourists. Comparing two seas, we can say that black is more calm and much cleaner. Excursions to the island of Rhodes and Kos, located in Greece, are sent from the coast of the Sea. Istanbul is a real pearl of Turkey. And there are more and more tourists in this resort every year. People are attracted by a suitable climate, hotels for every taste: from family boarding houses to five -star luxury with a huge territory. Istanbul can be safely called the center of the nightlife of Turkey. After all, there are many clubs and parties on the coast, which is very attractive to lovers of outdoor activities, mainly young people. In Istanbul, you can visit the most popular street, which received an unspoken name among tourists “Bar Street”. The main number of clubs and restaurants are located on this constantly busy street. The MV of some establishments of Istanbul host live performances of stars or performances that attract tourists to stay in some restaurant of national cuisine.