Reserve country Austria

The country includes its territory a huge property – this is part of the eastern Alp. Its territory has no access to the sea, for that the country is rich in rare beautiful mountain ranges and hills.

There are a huge number of vacationers here all year round, as well as the full of beautiful reserved zones and parks across the country.

Austria’s climate is moderate, warm and pleasant summer. Although, there are winters here, but not particularly cold, in January the temperature reaches minus five degrees, and in the summer it changes to plus 30 . Although the state cannot boast of vast sea territories, like other countries, but this loss is full of fresh reservoirs, of which there are enough on the territory.

Tourists in this part of the continent are just attracted by the richest lakes and rivers. Anyone who loves water tourism finds his paradise and expanse. Types of sailing, surfing, water skiing, diving, underwater excursions – all this is provided by the Austrian lakes of crystal purity and transparency. It is believed that throughout Europe the most environmentally friendly Austrian waters. Also here they provide a high -class wellness rest. Spa procedures alternate with walks in the alpine in the mountains. Very strengthens the health and immunity of clean air and a pleasant atmosphere. And, of course, in winter it is a sin not to get into the Alps to go down from the snow slopes on skiing. There are a lot of ski resorts, there is something to choose from. From attractions, I think, it is worth visiting the Salzbourg Palace. Classic music concerts often hold there. Together with the most beautiful acoustics, the sound of classic melodies is simply excellent. You can look at the largest museum complex in Europe. He is called the Museum -Warnier.

You can visit traditional Tyrolean villages. Where is the national flavor to surprise anyone. Beautiful kitchen, beautiful prefabricated houses made of log house, smelling of fresh wood and moss, green unfading valley. I saw very similar log houses of houses in Ukraine. Dilute the greens of the valleys colorful spots. These are herds of cows. A large number of Austrian meadows. What is not a place for a calm, cultural vacation in nature?

Austrians love to drink mulled wine, they will also enjoy treating all those who wish tourists. Be sure to try this national drink. You can grab a couple of bottles home, treat friends and relatives.

Cafe is lured with teasing aromas of hot coffee and chocolate. In Vienna, you can conduct an unforgettable weekly shopping on the Ringstrass Boulevard. For the beautiful half of humanity, it will be extremely pleasant and impressive. If you were looking for and doubted which resort to go this year, then, perhaps, from Austria. Good start of a big journey.