How to get to Mexico?

If you want to get to Mexico, you need to stock up on certain information. How to get to Mexico? Get a visa and fill out immigration profiles. By the way, these documents are presented at border control along with a foreign passport. How to get to Mexico? For example, it is necessary to “like” the immigration officer who conducts the inspection of documents and determines the term of the tourist in the country. It is in the immigration questionnaire that the exact date of departure is indicated. There is a stamp stamp, indicating that the tourist has passed immigration control. The immigration questionnaire remains in the hands of a tourist entering the country. The terms of stay in Mexico can fluctuate from fourteen to ninety days. How to get to Mexico to citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries? They need to take care of opening a visa, for which it is necessary to contact the consular representative office of Mexico, which is located in Moscow. There is also the possibility of issuing an electronic form of permission to visit Mexico. To do this, you need to go to the website of the National Institute of Migration Mexico. However, only citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine have a similar opportunity