How to relax perfectly, while decently saving

And it is not without reason that this world famous resort is so popular among all tourists in the world, even though it is still very young. People are attracted to a huge number of hotels that are not similar to each other, but the unifying fact of which is excellent service and hospitable people. And most importantly – these days you can purchase very inexpensive flights to the charter to Antalya from a travel agency, because all experienced tourists know that charters are much more profitable than ordinary flights. For example, in March 2012, the price of a charter flight amounted to 10,500 rubles, which is 19% more profitable than a regular flight at a price of 12990 rubles.

By arrival at this wonderful city, you can have fun as soon as you like, because absolutely everyone will find an occupation, regardless of age and character, because the animators of the hotel and local guides clearly make sure that you are not bored. Fans of various historical values ​​will be delighted with the Antalya Archaeological Museum, which collected several thousand different ancient relics. Those who love outdoor activities will be able to try diving, for which all the necessary conditions are created in the sea thanks to the almost complete transparency of water. This and many different other interesting classes have already been waiting for you in this city of miracles.

Although the “All -inclusive” system works in almost all hotels, you simply must try the entire palette of dishes in local restaurants, which is radically different from everything that you have previously tried. All this thanks to the skill of local cooks, preparing each dish according to a special tradition with the abundant addition of seasonings and spices that give the perfect harmony of tastes. Walking around the city, if you are hungry, do not pass by the stalls selling “Shobpir” – potatoes stuffed with cheese and with various additives for your choice. Tourists who have bought charter flights and loving sweets will leave this city with tears in their eyes, because only in Turkey there is the most delicious Rakhat Lukum and a pies.

All other advantages of this unforgettable city include the fact that shopping is great here. Only here you can find the highest quality goods at the most attractive prices, for example, not only did you purchase airline tickets of Yekaterinburg-Antaly, but also for jewelry here are sold here with a 30% discount compared to other countries. Another wonderful fact is that the climate here is ideal for a chic chocolate tan, and just for a comfortable rest. For example, the average temperature in June 2012 was + 3 degrees, which makes water in the sea perfect for bathing. Come and get a lot of positive emotions from a great rest!