In the Turkish bazaar

Vacation in Turkey has become, if not a good tradition, then a quite feasible dream. A wonderful warm country on the shores of the Mediterranean and Black Seas I like tourists and service, and prices for services, and motley outlandish bazaars. The cute custom of our homeland is to give gifts to return home it is very easy to sell to tourists in this bright country. The local market trip may well end with the fact that you buy souvenirs wholesale and more than one species!

How can you deny yourself the pleasure of presenting a girlfriend on a set of spices in the company? After all, a truly self -respecting eastern country cannot trade bad aromas! Various shops will arouse you with a choice of gift sets. They even prudently invested a mill for fragrant grains and herbs!

Tea is another pride of Turkish shopkeepers. A chic choice will lead to a state of pleasant shock of any chaeman. With fruits and herbs, green and black, possessing an exotic amber … What can I say, you can treat yourself with a cup of a fragrant decoction right at the owner of the shop!

A more serious gift is golden. Even children know that in Turkey they sell a mass of exquisite jewelry at the most tidbing prices. By the way, the price tag is not the last word of the merchant. It is customary to bargain in Turkish shops, and sellers seem to enjoy it themselves.

Works of local craftswomen – carpets, scarves, bedspreads – the weakness of lovers of bright spots in the interior. Bazaars in Turkey are literally covered with colorful goods! Come, dig and hold yourself in your hands – in rich markets you can thoroughly shake your wallet and spend the day looking at. However, you can regard this as a tour ..

By the way, if you decide to become like the local shopkeepers and open your own trade in Turkish “joys”, you can buy souvenirs in bulk in Moscow, and not go to Turkey for them. Moreover, you will already have the experience of bargaining, because you happened to make purchases in the eastern bazaar!

A gift for impressionable – a magic “eye” of blue. It looks at you from everywhere and begs it to buy! At least whole clusters – each relative of a couple.

Someone will attract an electronic curiosity that you will not meet with us. Or a useful thing of an unusual design.

Or maybe bright incense cosmetics? It is likely that according to the recipes used by the Sultan wives.

Turkish clothing from any materials. Whose heart does not flinch at the sight of a soft jacket jacket? Or flying dress from transparent silk?

And one more advice – smile. However, looking into the face of a shining Turk, it is impossible to remain serious!