South: Romeo in Naples

Japanese architects and Italian designers created an ultramodern hotel

From Rome you can go to the islands straight or with a stop in the homeland of Pizza – in Naples. The Romeo Hotel (Romeo) (it opened on December 11, 2008) is recently appeared. The Hotel on the Gulf of Neapolitan was designed by the Japanese Bureau of Kenzo Tange and Associates, which had previously built the Neapolitan financial district.

The Japanese architects and Italian designers set a difficult task: to create an ultra-modern hotel that would be favorably different from all city hotels with history and centuries-old dust on curtains, and at the same time beat the theme of Italian traditions. So appeared a crazy mix of glass and metal with antiques and modern paintings and installations. Surprisingly, everything turned out to be in its place. Holograms of Clement do not confront with furniture from the times of ancient China, acquired at the auction Christis, and ancient marble tables fit perfectly into the minimalist spaces of corridors. Romeo flirts with guests: the rooms of the rooms (there are 85 of them) are written on the floor, in the elevator cabin there are no buttons with the numbers of the floors – a panel resembling a huge calculator is located in the lobby, the staff is dressed in a futuristic uniform. In Romeo, and this is quite consistent with the name, there are no rooms with separate beds – the hotel is imprisoned for a romantic vacation for two. Of course, you can solve the problem of beds by stopping in luxurious Japanese Suet with two bedrooms and meet only in your own, naturally, Japanese kindergarten. Syuts “Romeo” is generally an extremely interesting topic: there are 22 of them, while there are 15 of their varieties. There are such unusual ones as fitness: its unusuality consists in the form of the simulators themselves, reminiscent of art objects rather. In this issue it is worth stopping aesthetes trying to instill in yourself a love of sports. All the aesthetes and other guests who will prefer Syut will definitely ask what color the bed of bedding they prefer that the bedroom pleases their color scheme by the arrival of the guests. The hotel is pleasant to make a brisk: Foshon gastronomy in the rooms, the exquisite restaurant “Il Comandante) on the roof and sushi-bar” Samurai “with the Bar” Cristallo “(Cristallo) are seriously competition for the traditional delicacy of Naples-Pizza-pizza. On the roof of the hotel is the restaurant Il Comandante

The scales in the bathroom are reminded of the need to maintain a form: all conditions for this are in a 700 m2 of spa – and a fitness center. You can go to the procedures, run kilometers on treadmills or-and this is almost the most pleasant thing-to spend hours in the open pool with a jacuzzi-because of its location on the top floor of the building, the views of the city are opened enchanting.

The hotel is named after the owner of the owner and nothing in common with the name of the hero of the most famous love story has. At the same time, the hotel staff jokes that Romeo is boring without Juliet nearby. Not so long ago, the owner of the hotel bought a house after him – an old customs building. So far, the decision on what will be there is not made – new options appear every day. Perhaps there will be a restaurant. Perhaps they will call Juliet.