On the coasts of Sri Lanka.

In other countries, Sri Lanka-a former Ceylon-is known more likely to its production than the tourism industry. However, some natural features of this island allow us to attract many guests from other countries. Most of Sri Lanka visitors are athletes. Surfengists, divers, lovers of water and sailing sports flow here from all over the world. After all, it was here, on the coasts of the island, nature seemed to specially created the most suitable place for this. Sri Lanka sea is not calm due to constantly blowing winds. But the same factor is a big plus for surf lovers. The main center of this sport is Arug Bay on the east coast of the island. True, most tourist routes pass far from this place. Hikkaduva resorts, also loved by surfers around the world, are no less popular. Here are just newcomers to choose another place. Hikkaduva has very strong underwater trends that can be dangerous for inexperienced athletes. Much calmer and safer resort Polhenhe. You can also find a diving fan at least often a surfengist on Sri Lanka. For this sport, coral reefs and amazing sunken ships were found here, the study of which will give genuine pleasure to any diver. True, there are seasonal restrictions for underwater swimming. The sea is calm from November to April, and only at this time can you get quite good visibility. As for the water temperature, this season it is about 25 degrees – it is quite comfortable for diving. The mouth of the Bentota River has long been chosen for sailing and water skiing. Moreover, there are quite a few hotels and tourist centers, each of which is ready to provide tourists with any equipment. Here, newcomers can get a complete briefing from professionals. Beautiful and unusual coral fish are found in the reefs of Unavatuna, Veligama, Dickwells and Hikkaduva. This area is great for swimming with a mask. And if you are a big fan of fishing, you can rent a catamaran or buy a trawler ticket at a local hotel or travel company, and will go in search of tuna, perch, slope and even sharks. Thanks to the mountains located in the center of the island, on Sri Lanka you can also engage in alloy. Walking by boats along the shore or local rivers it is better to make with representatives of travel agencies or guides from hotels. The vessels of private traders, as a rule, are not too reliable, and the tour will not cost such a risk. And, in addition to all this variety, do not forget that sea and river coasts, bays and lagons will become a wonderful and cozy place for a calm beach holiday.