Life at the resort

Türkiye is one of the bright and popular resorts with a unique oriental color. The combination of a deep print of oriental culture and high -quality European service creates an increased interest in buying real estate in this country. Attracts people and a favorable climate of this area and perfectly equipped resorts, and not particularly expensive offers in the housing market. You can receive additional income from the apartments purchased in Turkey, by renting it to tourists. Real estate on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts is in greatest demand among foreigners. The Mediterranean coast is popular for both tourists and real estate buyers, thanks to well -developed infrastructure, excellent climatic conditions, landscaped beaches and excellent service. Large resorts such as Kemer, Alania, Antalya are actively built up. The price range does not burn a pocket. It will not be difficult to purchase a new building, but secondary housing is sold much less frequent here. The Aegean coast has a cooler and soft climate. Here housing is more elite, as well as the coast itself. In Didima, Kushadas and Bodrum – the largest cities of this part of the country – well -known persons are often expensive for expensive elite real estate. In general, housing prices are slightly higher than throughout the country. In other areas of Turkey, real estate is not sold very often. It is suitable for people who decided to constantly live or invest in real estate in the country with interesting centuries -old traditions. A great choice will be cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, well developed in all respects. Here you can live on your own or rent purchased housing. To acquire real estate in Turkey, you need to get a residence permit (residence permit). The primary residence permit is issued in Turkey for a period of 6 months. Subsequent extension takes place at the consulate, in the country of residence of the buyer. But at the moment, extension occurs only through the consulate. Unfortunately, a residence permit, based on the right to real estate, does not give the right to work in this country. It is worth taking care of this by obtaining a work visa. When acquiring real estate in Turkey, it is worth considering the fact that the total area of ​​the apartment includes balconies, part of the staircase, elevator spans, and so on. Accordingly, the real residential area of ​​the acquired object will be less than 10-15 m2 than prescribed in the contract. Also, in the documents for ownership, the share of the common plot of land is prescribed, not square meters. Pleasant acquisitions to you!