Tired of winter cold or slushy weather, many go to the Maldives in April to accelerate the coming of the summer. In southeastern resorts, the warm time of the year lasts all year round, in any case, this is how the tropical climate is perceived by the inhabitants of the northern latitudes.

Climate in the Maldives

Even the rainy season does not stop our tourists that for the northerners some kind of rain, if the pure water of the Indian ocean is warm as a fresh milk of +29 degrees Celsius, surfers can conquer huge waves, and diving lovers enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. Storms or tsunami are rare here, and the rest of the problems are simply not noticed. The air temperature in the Maldives almost never drops below +30 degrees Celsius during the day and +5 at night. If you want to learn more about various places in our planet, then read articles about tourism

Places of rest in the Maldives

The only thing that can stop tourists from the conquest of the Maldives is the price. The week will cost you a tidy amount, since the vacation in the Maldives is considered elite, the service of the highest level, and you need to pay for such pleasure. But the prospect of visiting the real paradise and seeing with their own eyes how the pictures of screensavers on the desktop tables of computers, with snow -white beaches, palm trees, blue water of the ocean and an endless horizon are worth this money.

Our tourists have chosen rest on the main Maldives atoll, which is called Northern Male. Mecca for divers and those who appreciate luxury and good service. Atoll extends 69 km in length and 39 km wide. It has the capital of the island state. Of the 50 islands of Atoll, only 8 are inhabited, 27 are resorts, most of the others are leased to private individuals. Hotels in resort islands offer a wide selection of spa procedures. These services are very popular at the hotel on the island of Pokachafushi. Here, lovers will relax during massage, do this in separate rooms of glass located under water. The impressions remain unforgettable, and the relaxing effect intensifies several times.

Service for tourists in the Maldives

In addition to European cuisine, naturally, they will offer a huge selection of Asian and local dishes, where seafood and fresh juices of exotic fruits will dominate. Breakfast, dinner and dinner you will be on open terraces of restaurants with unforgettable views of the blue open spaces of the ocean or tropical islands.

For divers northern male, the place of endless discoveries, which you can make without any special efforts. The underwater currents themselves will take you to the coral reefs, where there is something to see. True, before letting you into such swimming, they will check the availability of experience and certain skill, if you have a certificate of drift divere, there will be no problems. The conquerors of the depths of sea reserves with underwater caves and a unique relief bottom will appreciate.

You can take a break from the depths of sea and beaches on the show of the Maldives dance on the Aria atoll, as well as visit mosques, parks and museums of the city of Male. You can get from one island to another by boats or boats. A trip to the most remote atolls will take up to 4 hours.