New York – a mysterious metropolis

On the shore of the Atlantic Ocean is the city of New York. This is a huge metropolis that gives a shelter to people from all over the world. The peoples of many nationalities live here, who came in search of a better life and remained in New York forever. Among them are many former citizens of Russia and other CIS countries.

Every day, tourists from different countries come here to see one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, admire its skyscrapers, one of which is recognized as the highest in the world, take a walk along the Brooklinsky bridge, visit the streets of Manhattan, where it is always crowded. The night life of the city does not stop, bars, restaurants, clubs, stores work. New York is lit at night by thousands of lights.

Particularly lucky tourists who will come here for Christmas holidays. Residents hang thousands of lights on the houses, everyone seeks to make their home the most beautiful. To see such beauty, tourists from different countries seek Christmas in the United States.

There are many beautiful parks in New York, where you can relax on a bench in the shade of trees. For tourists, tourist trips to the natural reserves of the country are organized, which collected samples of rare representatives of flora and fauna. They are taken to famous careers, where the walls reach 60 meters, painted red. This rare beauty evokes real delight among visitors.

Of course, in Russia there are also places where amazing nature and wonderful rest. Krasnodar Territory offers an excellent vacation in Lermontovo, on the Black Sea shore. Here for tourists, tourists, sanatoriums, boarding houses are built, where you can spend a vacation. Highlighted beaches, hotels, restaurants, attractions are off. Every year, they come to vacation annually not only from Russia, but also from other countries.

But back to America, its best city in New York. Those who come here on vacation are wonderful to spend time. There is where to go in the city and what to see. Each tourist must see a statue of freedom, the pride of all the inhabitants of the United States.

Donated by the French as a sign of a ceasefire, it symbolizes the freedom and independence of the United States and its people. And although different nationalities live in the country, all of them are proudly called Americans and warmly love their homeland, which protects their rights and freedoms. Having visited this country, you understand that people here are happy. And so I don’t want to leave this wonderful city called New York. Approach the water and throw a coin into the ocean, so that you return here again.