New York-a new direction for tourism

New York is called the capital of the world. This is a huge metropolis living in its special life. This is a super -modern city of skyscrapers and rich. There is no ancient architecture and medieval castles, because New York is quite a young city, but despite this, many tourists choose New York for visits. What can you see in this city-swing? Undoubtedly, a symbol of New York is a statue of freedom, located on the island of Freedom and accepting visitors daily. The statue of freedom is the most recognizable building in the world, personifying all of America.

Times Square is another place popular among tourists. This area got its name from the newspaper “New York Times”, the office of which was located directly here. Times Square is the most illuminated area of ​​the city. The number of luminous advertising and illumination is amazing here. Once on Times Square-you get on the holiday.

In the city, you can also visit with a tour of the famous New York Stock Exchange, located on the notorious Wall Street, and observe the work of brokers, which affect the economic development of the entire planet.

Broadway musicals are particularly popular with tourists. It was here that this direction of theatrical art originated. On Broadway Street, crossing Manhattan, there is a massive cluster of small theaters, always ready to accept spectators.

Even in New York there is a well-known headquarters of the United Nations, which is not distinguished by architectural attractions, but is a symbol of internationalism. The UN Apartment headquarters can be visited with a tour, passing through its main halls.

The city is also located the famous Rockefeller Center, built in the 30s John Rockefeller and is one of the most famous skyscrapers in New York. Here is the headquarters of the world famous Assosiated RRESS and NBC television company.

In the very center of Manhattan stands Medison Square Garden – a sports arena of global significance. The most significant international competitions are held here. In Madison Square Garden also arrange their unforgettable concerts of show business stars.

New York is not only the financial center of America, but also one of the cultural capitals of the world. There is a huge number of museums and picture galleries here. Museum of Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art of Solomon Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural Science, Brooklyn Museum, New York Archeology Museum, Paleozoic Museum, Matthew Marx Gallery, Sculpture Center-only a few of them.

Another attractive for tourists can be called New York shopping. In the city there is an incredible number of shopping centers, shops and boutiques that offer the buyer branded items from famous designers and couturier.

New York is a city of incarnation of an American dream, and people visiting it can touch this dream. This is the secret of the interest of tourists in New York.