The worst city in the United States is New York. It will be interesting that at the beginning of 2000 about eight million people already lived in it. New York is considered the most magnificent city that has collected the charms of various cultures from around the world. It must be emphasized that the culture, religion of people, the kitchen of various regions will definitely find here.

Most people actually from all the states of the world began to live in America. Any city is not capable of any city, to attribute itself to the full capital of the world. Only New York has the full right to be called. It is undoubtedly worth mentioning that he is called the house of numerous human masses. Only on Manhattan, the territory of which is eight hundred square kilometers, seven million people live, but this is only one district, and there are five of them.

It is worth visiting this country, and especially in this wonderful city. There are interesting features there, for example, in any of the states there are its own rules for traffic on the roads. On New York roads, you can not go to the Red World. By the way, there is the largest metro, consisting of 468 stations. In New York, an insanely large number of restaurants of all peoples. A lot of museums, this is the Guggenheim Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum and many others.