Rain season in Thailand when?

The weather question is interested in many travel lovers who have not visited Thailand weather conditions in this country. And they ask everyone when it is good and warm, and when it is cold there. But, having looked at what kind of news about Thailand, and even if you see Thailand’s photos in the rain season, they immediately load the Internet, entering the search engines, “the rainy season in Thailand when?”And if these frightened people who have probably already taken tickets to this exotic country fell to my answer, let them rejoice. The rainy season in Thailand begins around June, and lasts until the end of October. But I can say that it is worth canceling the trip if your vacation and visit to Thailand coincided with this time of year. In the rainy season, life in Thailand does not stop, and it does not become less tourists. Rains here do not last long, while the sun also remains hot as in the summer. There are quite a lot of sunbathers on the beaches, and a stormy life continues at night. If you have not convinced, then decide for yourself, I would not postpone the trip. Thailand is a very friendly and hospitable country, and most importantly, full of exotic and beauty, which you will never see on the streets of the seedy town of our homeland. Do not be afraid of these short rains.