Surfing on Canaries

When the summer vacation approaches, they immediately decided to go on a trip to the distant islands, renting a yacht. Dreams turned into reality after I saw an ad in a store on learning surfing on Canar. To get there, it is necessary to make a flight Moscow – Fuerteventure. And then the long -awaited moment has come – we fly to the Canary Islands. We took a flight to Fuertenventur, there at the airport we were met by representatives of the Surfing School and in just an hour we arrived in a small town of Koleho. There we removed two -room apartments. But remember on the site you can find out in advance about relaxing in the country, that is, how it passes and what you will need to take, in addition, you can find useful articles about visiting other tours to other countries, they leave their reviews there, you too You can leave if you have already traveled somewhere, maybe your review will play a big role in choosing a trip of another person. After we rested from the road, we went for a walk around the city. It turned out to be a huge number of restaurants with seafood, the same paradise for, and in the evening they drank jin on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and ended with a small party. The most interesting thing began the next morning. At 8-00 we were already at school. It was met by its founder Joaimi Hersh (world champion in surfing 1999). We got acquainted with the instructors, they conducted an introductory lecture for beginners and issued the necessary for the introductory lesson. Sunscreen cream is the most important thing in surfing, the face in the water burns out instantly. At first we were taught to just rise in our arms and lays on the board. Classes were held in “white water” – places where the waves immediately turn into foam (experienced surfists ride real waves called “Green Waves”).The next day, we learned to get on the board in the water. It turned out to be very difficult. And we could climb the board only on the third day, while experiencing a wild delight. In “Green Waves” I was allowed only on the seventh day of training. Whirlpools there are noble, of course, these were completely different, indescribable sensations. It turned out only the only wave with which I immediately fell … Beginners need to train their hands before the trip here to learn to row quickly. Classes are held in English. All instructors are very friendly, open, cheerful – here you can meet people from all over the world: Germans, Italians, French, Portuguese. It is very interesting to communicate with a huge number of versatile and interesting personalities. Usually classes last for several hours – by dinner we were usually released. Time before dinner. Various cafes were located nearby, having bought any dish from free Wi-Fi. Sometimes we dined together with a wonderful couple from Portugal – Anna and Pedro. In the evenings we went to the restaurant. The most delicious Pael is served in wikiki. Moreover, a portion of 3 people, that is, in fact, was a person for six. Usually we do not order anything else, we eaten. Almost everything is very tasty wine-Spain, after all. Cosius cheese is the main local product – there are a lot of goats on the island. Local people love to relax on the pier. Of these institutions, we liked Banana most of all, perfectly conveying the atmosphere of this wonderful place: night, romance, a candle on the table, under the feet of the Atlantic Ocean, in the hands of a fresh mochito, and on one of the walls-you can watch a black and white video about surfing. A delightful place. Be sure to return here again!