Rest in Malaysia.

Когда невероятно хочется тепла, моря и отдыха, а серые будни уже надоели, то стоит отправиться в путешествие, и лучше, если свой отпуск вы проведете за границей. In the bank of the burning trips of Novosibirsk, you will be offered many options, many countries, but now we would like to dwell on Malaysia detailed. This country is widely known in the tourism business by the fact that the rest there is fascinating, but does not hit the wallet much. The only thing that confuses and stops tourists is a long flight, it will be about 18 hours. But even despite this, avid travelers and newcomers in a foreign vacation should at least once visit Malaysia. For living in this resort country, tourists are offered many options in local hotels. Moreover, their level of service is significantly different from the European style in a pleasant sense. The advantage is that everywhere is clean and comfortable, even if a hotel with one star. This location is suitable for those who decided to save on the night, and the role of the hotel is to provide a berth and shower. But in a bank of burning tickets you will surely be offered tours in which the hotel is more comfortable, and the service is impeccable.

The main attraction of Malaysia is customary to call its capital, the city of Kuala Lumpur. The prices for excursions are inexpensive here, and even tourist buses with guides that introduce tourists to all outstanding places of the city. Routes depart approximately every 15-20 minutes. Locals also recommend visiting a beautiful bird park and the local oceanarium.

In addition, the so -called small India area is also popular among tourists, where the Hindu population lives. Bright colors and local flavor of the area seem to be transferred to thousands of kilometers, and you find yourself in real, modern and colorful India. The capital of Malaysius Kuala Lumpur also became famous thanks to the twin towers, called Petronas. One of the twins is a shopping center that opens the doors of numerous shops for tourists from all over the world. Another place for tourist holidays is the Langkavi archipelago, consisting of 99 islands. But it is only suitable for those who like a calm course of life, solitude, and young people are unlikely to like it here. It is also worth remembering that all culinary institutions, cafes and restaurants, stop working at ten in the evening, so you should not count on a late dinner. Prices for excursions are quite high, but you can very well look at local beauties yourself by renting a bicycle or car (do not forget international driver’s license!) One of the local attractions is the cable car that will open picturesque views of the adjacent area and give many amazing photos. Tourists come to Langkavi to buy souvenirs and other things. It is believed that the entire zone of this area belongs to Duty-Free, that is, the stores there are not taxed and VAT, which makes prices significantly lower. Therefore, Langkavi is ideal for shopping tours.