Surfing – the best type of rest at sea

Surfing is a collective term skiing on the waves, using a board. There are many varieties, some of them use a sail attached to the board, in some a sail on the slings is located above the athlete 10-15 meters above it, capturing air flows.

The history of sliding on the waves on the board has several thousand years. Thus, residents of Polynesia and Micronesia used home -made sails from palm leaves with might and main. Having installed similar designs on the same home -made boards, the islanders took small water walks, traveling from island to the island. The inhabitants of Hawaii have practiced a similar type of rest long before the official invention of the board, sails and the concepts of “surfing” in general.

Boom for development began in the second half of the 20th century. Mass production of boards, improving the designs of the sail and the appearance of the first training schools allowed to popularize this sport and rest.

Today, surfed a lot of varieties and variations. Consider the most common and popular.

Windsurfing is the first in the list – sliding along the waves using the wind force. The design is a hard sail mounted on a board of floating material. The essence of windsurfing is to manage the board using the sail.

Masters of this type of active rest own the skills of performing even complex jumps and tricks.

Kaitesurfing is a surf where the movement is provided thanks to the air snake – kite. The strength of the traction is also provided by the wind, but here, due to the higher wind speed, the special accent is on jumping and tricks. The back of this sport – without thorough preparation, this sport is dangerous for beginners.

There is also winter kaitesurfing – sliding occurs in the snow. The optimal area is open spaces, the optimal weather is clear and windy. Has developed and popularity in the last 10-20 years, after one of the summer kite of the surfer is tired of waiting for the summer to ride again. Snow was the solution.

Places for surfing are very common. In fact, this is any coast where there are quite high waves. The shores of Australia, California, New Zealand and Mexico are particularly popular among athletes. Although, by and large, true fans monitor all storms and turbulent windy weather around the world – to be aware of where the best conditions are for such an active rest. But there are already artificial sites for surfing – they can be set by the intensity and height of the wave. The Japanese became pioneers in the creation of this technology. And such studies, which is nice, soon paid off – orders went from the United States.

Summing up, it should be noted that surfing, where the goal is precisely a vacation and obtaining positive emotions is one of the best types of relaxation on the coast. As a sport he is good, but it was lovers that made it so popular all over the world.