Tours to the lamp, Thailand

Over the past ten years, Thailand has been deservedly popular among tourists. The purest beaches, a friendly atmosphere, high -class service and ancient architectural monuments make it an ideal place for beach and excursion rest. And the numerous seasonal discounts on burning tickets to Thailand is a pleasant bonus that allows you to enjoy leisurely walks along the oldest lampanga street for a very symbolic price.

Lampang is one of the oldest settlements of the country, the once former the capital of the state, and today a wonderful and amazing land located in the very north of Thailand. Perhaps the first thing that catches the eye is an abundance of horse carts. Moreover, the crews drawn by horses are not at all a tourist attraction, but a full -fledged type of transport, which the townspeople use with pleasure.

The tradition of horse breeding goes its roots in the distant past of the lampang. For the first time paved by stone, bridges were filled with a voiced clatter of decorated horses back in the 5th century. Today the carts are a symbol of the city, its pride and, of course, a tribute to the ancient tradition. By the way, a trip in one of these crews is a great option for a fluent acquaintance with the lampang. In addition, many cabmen – excellent storytellers, will be happy to tell a lot of interesting stories related to one or another area of ​​the city. In English, to one degree or another, almost all of.

In recent years, the lapping has grown significantly, becoming a modern metropolis. But, despite such a violent development, the city boasts a low level of crime, pure air and an abundance of parks. Naturally, having been in places of mass accumulation of the people, it is still worthwhile to be more attentive to valuable things. This rule primarily concerns the old market and the road adjacent to it.

Being the center of the ceramic industry of the region, the lapping is famous primarily by the products of local masters. Ceramic dishes, homemade utensils and other souvenirs can be purchased directly on the shopping rows, as well as in numerous shops working right in workshop buildings. There are also master classes on firing and modeling. Those lucky ones who managed to be in the lamberg in October were incredibly lucky to become a spectator, and perhaps a participant, the largest festival in the north of Thailand, Luang Viang Lakhon, representing the culture, traditions and crafts of the region.

Another no less popular action among visitors is held in June and is called the pineapple festival. For three days, mass festivities last, accompanied by songs, dances and performances of local artists. A beauty contest is held in the final, according to which a strict jury chooses Miss Pineapple. Throughout all holidays, local housewives and cooks of numerous restaurants are preparing their best and tasty dishes.

The peculiarity of the cuisine of Thailand is the unique harmony of five, at first glance completely incompatible tastes: salty, sweet, bitter, sour and acute. The recipe for almost all foods without fail includes ingredients such as several varieties of rice, sweet coconut milk and, certainly, chili sauce. Well, the additional components simply cannot be counted! Such gastronomic diversity can be found only on the island of Sri Lanka.