Visa -free entry to Thailand for Russian citizens

Citizens of the Russian Federation, who, for tourism purposes, are in Thailand, for a period of 30 days or less, a visa is not required. All that needs to be done is to fill out a migration card in English, get a stamp in a passport at a passport control. Then, you can stay in the country for 30 days. However, the fulfillment of one condition is mandatory – this is the presence of a reverse air ticket to Russia from Thailand, or a ticket towards the third country. This condition is being checked during registration on a flight in Russia, and at the entrance to Thailand. It is best to solve such a question by booking a ticket and providing a printed certificate that the return trip from Thailand has been paid. And you can buy a ticket to any of the countries neighboring countries.

To extend the period of visa -free stay in Thailand for another thirty days, you need to leave the country and return again, or leave and apply for a visa.

The first option is undoubted more profitable. Since in this case you do not need to draw up documents and pay consular fees. The minus consists in the need to motivate abroad – this is the event no less costly. There are no official restrictions on a possible number of stamps, however, after about the fifth of such a stamp, border guards may have a desire to look for the reason for which you can refuse to extend.

There is another version of the “Byzaran”. This is a departure to a neighboring country, for registration of visas to Thailand in it. Indeed, while staying on the territory of Thailand, it is impossible to issue a visa, but this can be done in any other country of the world where there is an embassy of Thailand. For example, having gone to the same Malaysia, you can come to the consular department of the Thailand embassy and arrange a tourist visa there. Thus, you will not need to leave the country very often, the visa is made immediately for 60 days. It is also possible to apply for an even longer visa.

Often, tourists go beyond the “Byzaran” to any country neighboring Thailand, because it costs cheaper than returning to their homeland. This is convenient because it can be entered into a number of neighboring countries without a visa, and so to stay in it for some time. Among these countries are Malaysia, a visa -free stay in which can be about 30 days. In Laos, a 15-type visa-free stay is possible. For $ 20, you can purchase a visa to Cambodia, by crossing the border. On the same principle, a visa is acquired to Burma, but for $ and finally, a visa -free stay in Vietnam is possible up to 15 days.

You can make a “visaran” as yourself, by purchasing a ticket for a bus, train, plane, in one of these countries. And in the travel agency, having bought a special tour, called “Visa-Run”.