What is Indonesia?

This is a mild climate from October to May. In the summer, the dry season comes here and it is very hot. She is famous among submarine fans. Especially the islands of Sulawesi, where a large number of coral reefs and plunging to the depths, you can observe underwater inhabitants. There is an underwater park on the islands, where in addition to tropical fish there are still sea turtles and skates, and rare species of sea stars. Also, these islands are favorite places for surfing, especially in the rainy season, when the wind lifts large waves. These are the islands that are located in the Pacific and Indian Ocean, as well as in the South China Sea. This is the sun, the sea and the beaches from which you can choose any you like. In addition to the sea, there is something to see. These are temples and museums, ancient quarters. If you are interested in wildlife, then the country is organized here in the depths of the country into the jungle along the rivers, where you can see rare birds of rhino, paradise birds, various parrots, macaques, orangutans and crocodiles. And giant vines and chic orchids grow in the jungle. You may be offered a trip to one of 35 national parks or visit one of the current volcanoes, which are located on the islands