What to bring from Thailand?

Having visited Thailand, I would like to surprise friends and relatives with something exotic, bring from Thailand, something like that you can’t find in domestic markets. So to speak the overseas miracle. But what to bring from Thailand? The country full exotic calmly provides you with such an opportunity, and most importantly, it provides a huge selection of all sorts of things. You can bring anything from this country. Souvenirs that can be purchased literally on every corner, all kinds of beads and baubles and all the like. Crocodile and snake skin. Imagine how your younger brother will rejoice, giving you a belt from a real crocodile, or how your sister will be delighted when you hand her a handbag of some anaconda or another snake, neatly and competently produced by Thai leather affairs by the master. You can buy jewelry, it all depends on the wallet. Products from emeralds, sapphires or ruby. Wow, how mother will be delighted. And your father can bring some kind of shark stuffed, or other exotic fish. On the very thing, the case in this matter needs to be proceeded from what your loved ones may need, and what you like so much personally. For memory of this place, it may be necessary to purchase some Thai vase or something in this style.