What to see in Macau?

Macau. This small piece of land in China is also famous for its excursions and a wide spectrum in the field of services. Here you can ride a helicopter from Hong Kong. Such a journey takes less than twenty minutes, and costs a penny. So, after you got here from Hong Kong, you ask what to see in Macau? There are also ancient values ​​in this piece of the planet. They have stayed here since the time when the country was colonized by the Portuguese. The main attraction of Macau is the Church of St. Peter. Or rather what is left of it. On the ruins of this temple today only facade. There is also a basement. The museum of historical values ​​formed here. On the works of painting, the life of Macau has been captured over the past centuries. There is an area in the center. It was built by the Portuguese colonialists. Of course, local cafes and small restaurants are located here. In these places it is very inexpensive and at the same time you can have a very tasty lunch. Architecture lovers also know that you definitely need to see the Macau Temple A-ma. This is a very picturesque building. From him takes the origins and name of Macau himself. Macao is a metropolis with large skyscrapers. As they say here, the second Las Vegas.