What to visit in Italy?

Italy is such an interesting country that you want to visit it everything. And what is the most interesting is real. You can go on a bus tour of the cities of Italy. For this tour there is an opportunity to visit a large number of cities and inspect them. If you stopped in Rome, then you need to inspect the whole city. What to visit in Italy while in Rome? You can sign up for a standard tour of the main attractions. It will be a Trevi fountain, a Spanish staircase and a street of the most expensive city shops. Traditionally, a coin is thrown into the Trevi fountain. No less important place to visit the Roman forum, Colosseum. However, the standard inspection of attractions will not allow the atmosphere of Rome. Therefore, it is best to walk the streets of the city on your own, studying buildings and famous monuments. What to visit in Italy? Be sure to go to an Italian restaurant, where the choice of dishes and traditional foods will make a tourist think. But, of course, you need to try paste, pizza and risotto. In the famous cafe of Rome near the Spanish stairs, you can enjoy ice cream. You can visit a variety of places, but it is best to do it from your choice.