When Christmas celebrate in Finland?

If we are going to Finland for the New Year, we will be offered to go for a week earlier to this northern country. Why? The fact is that almost, that a week before the New Year, the time begins when Christmas in Finland is celebrated. It is on the twenty -fifth of December that the whole country is dressed in the atmosphere of the holiday and fun. In the process of half a year, literally everything. From small to great, Finns run around the shops, dressing Christmas trees, prepare homemade jewelry.

Not surprising. After all in Finland, Christmas is a national holiday. His state status ensured the massive celebration and the largest vacation in length. Exactly a month lasts the time when Christmas celebrate in Finland. This holiday appeared in the country when it adopted Christianity. Since then, the era of the new religion began.

However, pagan motifs in this holiday in absolutely any element. Only attributes have changed. Now during Christmas the main symbol was the Bethlehem star. On the eve of the holiday itself, everyone does their work extremely carefully. Because before Christmas he needs to sleep well in order to get to the church service. Around the city, the Finns think, at this time the devils go. They leave food for them and melted baths.