When to relax in China?

You, as an avid traveler or even an experienced layman, going on vacation before the trip, ask you about a favorable climate, warm weather and a favorable season. But you are going to a country about which you are almost unknown about. Friends come to the rescue, who have repeatedly been in your chosen place of rest, experts and many others. And everyone gives different tips. But you want to know exactly so as not to lose and take excess baggage of things.

When to relax in China? The climate in China is quite unpredictable. The seasons change quite sharply. Therefore, in order not to freeze in the cold and not to survive under a penetrating wind with the rain, it is better to use the meteorological service. If you decide to spend a vacation in the south, it is better to relax in China in the summer. The warm temperature can sometimes spoil the monsoon winds and rare rains a little. But if you decide to go to China in winter, then the most unfavorable rest in January will be. This month the temperature is the lowest. She can reach minus thirty degrees below zero. But if all the same, asking again when to relax in China, especially if you are not a supporter of an extreme relaxation, then this is, of course, summer.