When it darkens in Egypt?

It gets dark there early, therefore, when the traveler travels by car in the desert after sunset, where, of course, there are neither roads nor lighting, only the headlights illuminate the mountains of sand, it seems that the traveler is alone in this endless space. Ask any Beduin living in the sands when it darkens in Egypt, and he will definitely answer. They not only get up at sunrise, but also go to bed with sunset. In the south, it always comes in at the same time, it is eighteen hours, thirty minutes, but it darkens very quickly.

There are two main weather seasons in Egypt. One of them is relatively cool, it begins in November and naturally ends in March. The second weather season begins in April, and in mid -October it ends. But if you want to know in advance when it darkens in Egypt, you can ask you to know you who have already visited this country. In general, it gets dark there, early. If in the south the sun is almost always at the same time, which is indicated above, then in Cairo in mid -December it is hidden outside the horizon at five o’clock in the evening. But who is interested, when it darkens in Egypt, because there is wonderful, warm and fun there at night.