Where are the pyramids in Egypt?

Where are the pyramids in Egypt? To this question, the answer can be found in different ways. Call a friend who has already managed to visit Egypt in his life, you can also dive on the Internet, and, having asked the question on which nibut forum, read the delightful stories of pioneers. But the best way to find out where the pyramids are in Egypt is your own experience. Take yourself together and still tune in to an amazing vacation in this magnificent, full of great miracles and monuments of history, country.

Pyramids in Egypt are scattered on the site of the former capital of the Great Civilization Memphis. It can be huge well -preserved buildings, or piles of stones, small, huge, different. If you want to see these monuments of antiquity, then you should go to Cairo, where the most visited pyramids in Egypt are located near the left bank of the Nile, there are. Such as the Hyops pyramid, which is famous for its history, and indeed, the history of this great pharaoh. The Giza plateau will surprise you with its pyramids, and the guide will tell you everything that interests you about these oldest monuments of the history of the Great Country. Pyramids in Egypt are pulling many people, we can say that they are a “visiting card” for many travelers.