Where is Sudan?

It is difficult to answer the question “where is Sudan?”, If at the school in geography there was a very bad rating. But all, if you want to know where, after all, this Sudan, I will try to tell. Sudan is a republic, a state located on the African continent. It is considered one of the largest states in the world, and even more so Africa. In one capital, which is called Hartum, by the census of the population in 2002, there were more than three million inhabitants. In general, on the territory of more than two and a half million square meters. km lives more than 43 million people. The climate in the country that lies in the north-eastern part of Africa is very hot, throughout the year the temperature ranges from 29 to 37 degrees. High humidity is observed in the summer. The plant world in Sudan changes from the south, where tropical forests rise to the north, real deserts. Very wet jungle forests grow near the southern border. Sudan, belongs to unusable countries in terms of economics. And despite the huge population in this country, Sudan is the poorest country on the continent. Industry is poorly developed, the main income comes from agricultural activity.