Where is China?

Unconditional geographical location of China – East. If you answer specifically to the question where China is located, it should be clarified that the place of this country in East Asia. At the same time, the country of the rising sun is quite comfortable. It has a lot of boundaries with various states. Including China has a specific line with Russia and some other countries of the post -Soviet space. Thus, the Chinese government almost without any difficulties can establish economic relations with one of the largest powers. And where is China on the map, every ordinary schoolboy can show. The geography of the country is very extensive. China washed several seas at once: yellow, South China and East Chinese. And the sea, as you know, is the guarantor of the influx of tourists. In the east of the country, at the same time, abundant mountains can be found. According to the calculations of sociologists and other experts, the bulk of the population is located here. In the West, the Tibetan mountains are visible, and if the compass’s arrow fluctuates between the south and the West, it means that it points to us the very famous Himalayas. So the choice of places and attractions in China is quite extensive.