Where is the Congo?

How many discoveries can we make for ourselves, having the opportunity to travel to different countries and cities. But even if you have a card or globe, you can give an answer, for example, to the question of where the Congo is and what is. So, for a start, it is worth saying that this is a river. It is located in the very heart of Africa and takes the second position by the amount of water of the Congo, giving the palm of the famous Amazon. And if we use the photograph from the satellite and flows a cursor to the center of Africa, where the Congo is located, we can also determine that this is one of the longest rivers on the planet.

It is spread by almost five thousand kilometers. Solid, true? And its pool is occupied by an area of ​​almost four thousand square kilometers. Based on this, it can be determined that the Congo Shipping River. She also has favorable boundaries. This river flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is in these places where the two elements are fucked, the depth of the Congo reaches solid limits. To reach the bottom, you need to overcome the distance to two hundred and thirty meters in the delta. Therefore, this is the deepest river on the planet. It is also a rich place for fishermen. More than a thousand species of various fish live in these waters.