Where is Myanmar?

Where is Myanmar? The question is half a million. For some, this is really so, because not everyone knows that Myanmar is a state with a territory of more than six hundred and fifty square kilometers located in Asia, or rather in its southeastern part. The boundaries of Myanmar pass between China, Thailand and Laos, India and Bangladesh. Sea borders pass along the Bengal Gulf and the Andaman Sea. Where is Myanmar? It is necessary to look for this state where Rakhain and Pachaine rise – majestic mountain ranges. And where he carries his waters along the vast plain of the Iravadi River. Where Myanmar is located, the earth is rich in minerals, such as oil, zinc, coal, natural gas and so on. The cultivated lands of agricultural purposes occupy approximately fifteen percent of the entire territory. And under the forests and shrubs, almost fifty percent is occupied. At the beginning of the new century, the population of Myanmar was almost forty -two million people. Myanmar is a country of contrasts that manifest not only in landscape diversity, but also in climatic features. Although according to official figures, this Asian country is the owner of the subequatorial and tropical monsoon climate.