Where is Slovenia

Where is Slovenia? Where is this wonderful country, about which there are so many tourists? And it is located in the south of Central Europe, or rather in the Alpine-Dunay region. It is part of the European Union, so the currency is euro. Tours to this country are quite popular among modern tourism lovers. Tourists know us about the unforgettable beauty of dense forests, magnificent landscapes, castles, etc. P. But one of the most popular places that attracts foreigners is the Adriatic Sea, the output that opens the southwest of the country. Slovenia is rich in culture and old traditions, holidays and magnificent cuisine.

Still would! After all, this country is inhabited by many nationalities, such as Croats, Italians, Serbs and many others. Mixing blood for many time enriched the country with difference and variety. Slovenia is famous for its abundance of attractions, an acceptable climate and quite tolerable prices for movement and accommodation. So, if someone asked you a question – where is Slovenia? You can safely answer that one of the rich-cultural, magnificent and beautiful places is not far away at all, in the neighboring Europe.