How do people attract apartments in Varna in Bulgaria

Varna is rightfully considered one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria. In addition, this is one of the major economic and cultural centers. The population of the city is about 600 thousand people.

The city is located on the north-eastern coast of the Black Sea. There is also the largest Bulgarian port, communicating with ports in Odessa, Istanbul, Batumi and Poti.

Many bus and trolleybus flights connect Varna with other Bulgarian cities. In total, at seven kilometers from the center of Varna is the International Airport. In the north of the city there are popular resort cities of golden sands, St. Konstantin, Alben, Elena and others.

Buying and renting real estate will allow you to enjoy a soft sea climate at any time, live in a European city with a rich history and interesting attractions. The purchase of an apartment in the city can also attract those who are going to study abroad. Varna is one of the important educational centers, since there are a number of serious educational institutions here, including the Barnensky Free University of Chernorizets Khobir, the University of Economics, the Higher Naval School of Nikola Vapsarov and a number of other institutions.

Every year, coming to Bulgaria to rest, people are gradually thinking about what it would be nice to buy housing here. Russians are primarily attracted by the relatively low price of real estate in the resort. You can buy apartments in Varna both in the very center of the city and a small house in a picturesque rural area near the city. It is impossible to buy land for development by law, but it can be rented.

The advantages of buying real estate in this Bulgarian resort are quite understandable. Here developed infrastructure, airport, sea coast. Varna will be a great place to relax, work, training, permanent residence. There is everything necessary for the comfort of modern people – banks, shops, clinics, schools and kindergartens.

You can choose housing both in the primary and secondary real estate market. If you want to save, then you can invest in construction. Secondary real estate is also cheaper than a new apartment ready for settlement. However, apartments in the primary market allow you to choose the details of the layout and finishes. The advantage of secondary housing, as a rule, is a more convenient location.