How to pay in Egypt?

For those who have never been in Egypt, you should carefully treat what to pay in Egypt. Many consider it simple enough and prefer to advise to stock up on a small bill of dollars or euros. However, it is worth knowing that the national currency of this Arab state is the Egyptian pound, a bargaining coin is Piasters. You can import any currency into Egypt, especially since it can be exchanged, both in the bank and in any exchanger. However, it is necessary to maintain checks in order to make an exchange of the national Egyptian currency in the reverse order in the same way as exchanged at the entrance.

It is worth remembering that the export of national currency from Egypt is prohibited by the law of this state. In hotels and tourist centers, there are never problems with what to pay in Egypt. All because the latest equipment is often installed here, which allows you to pay bills through credit cards Visa or Master Card. Road checks have a fairly free walk.

It is worth remembering that it is not important than paying in Egypt, in each case, you can use foreign currency, that is, dollars and euros, as well as pounds. The main thing is to be attentive to your own wallet and the means located there.