What to do and how to have fun in Egypt.

And finally you are in Egypt … Many people love Egyptian resorts for the opportunity to quietly lie on the beach and buy in the Blue Sea with amazing fish. They love to relax here because only here a relaxing vacation on the beach with a visit to the Holy Mount Sinai and historical trips to the pyramids are excellently combined. So, you will find entertainment: at sea. The Red Sea is simply replete with coral reefs. There are just a huge number of them here. It’s just enough to plunge with a mask under the water near the shore – and you will be just delighted with what you saw. For the most daring tourists, excursion immersion in the open sea is organized. Of course, this is a little scary, but if you still decide, you can admire multi-colored fish in coral thickets. What you see there just chases you … If you are afraid to climb into the water with acvalanges, there is another fun – Aquatic. This structure is a special capsule with a glass bottom and large portholes … If you dreamed of learning to ride a Windsurf, then, relaxing at the Egyptian resorts, do not miss such an opportunity. In many hotels there are surfs. Here you can inexpensively hire a coach and rent the equipment. If you taste, then you will go to the next rest for the sake of this entertainment. In a desert. Safari on jeeps are arranged here, a meeting with the Bedouins is organized. You can see how people eat in the desert and how they produce water in the sand. Also, trips to oases are organized here – islands of exotic in the dead desert. Many of the sources here are healing. But there is also a lot of interesting things in the naked desert. Especially the white desert in the new valley, which is famous for its bizarre figures from weeded stones. Among the pyramids. Do not forget about the main attraction of Egypt. Excursions from all resorts of the Red Sea are arranged in the cities of Luxor and Cairo. You will be shown for a small fee of the tomb of the pharaohs and the pyramid, at the same time telling the famous historical sheets of ancient Egypt. On the territory of the hotel. Well, how can the animators? They are sure to eat in every hotel and are ready to entertain you in the morning until the evening. They will certainly drag you to aquaerobika, to the lessons of the belly dance or on beach volleyball. And in the evening – a cheerful disco with various jokes or on a terrace arranged national entertainment shows with Arab music and dancing, and this is just an exciting sight. In addition, there are sometimes pretty shops in Egypt’s hotels, where you can capture souvenir from Egypt to relatives and friends.