That interesting can be seen in South Africa?

South Africa is the southern country on the African continent and is washed by the waters of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. In terms of economic development, this state surpasses all African countries. Representatives of different races and nationalities live here. South Africa, of course, attracts the attention of tourists, because in this country the ancient culture and modern rationalism, the wealth of the flora and the variety of fauna, majestic mountains and beautiful waterfalls were amazingly intertwined in this country. It is easiest to go to this country on an airplane, you can order a suitable tour on TCC. Com. UA, where you will be offered both a full -fledged tour and individual tickets. And not only in South Africa, but also in many other countries of the world.

Johannesburg is one of the largest cities in South Africa, causing genuine interest among tourists. This city was founded in 1886. In places of gold mining. Terrikons that have remained here since the time of gold fever still rise throughout the city. Some old buildings also serve as a reminder of those times, one of which is a unique General Person. And having left the city to the town of Sowo, you can move in time and get to Johannesburg of the 19th century. In Sowo there is a park of entertainment dedicated to the period of gold mining, where you can try on the image of the gold detector, go down to the mine, see the process of gold smelting. In the vicinity of Johannesburg, there are a huge zoo in Africa, which live about 600 different animals in Africa, as well as the ethnographic village of Lesedi, in which you can get acquainted with the life and life of the African peoples, live.

In fifty meters from Johannesburg there is the capital of South Africa – the city of Tswan. It also has its own unique monuments, monuments and structures. For example, in this city there is a building of the Union – the largest administrative building in the world, built in 1910 and which is the main political arena of the South Africans. Not far from Tsvan there is a cultural and entertainment center of San City, in the place of which there was a desert, and now, thanks to human intervention, forests and lakes have spread out, casinos and restaurants, nightclubs and shopping malls have appeared.

Many cultural and historical objects of South Africa are concentrated in the city of Cape Town. Here the building of the University of Cape Town, the Cathedral of St. George, the Parliament building, the City Hall of the President’s residence and the old port, now converted into the area of ​​shops, restaurants and hotels. From Cape Town, you can get to the famous Cape of Good Hope and the southern point of Africa – Cape I needle.

It is impossible to imagine South Africa without caves and waterfalls. Here is the third largest canyon in the world – Blood River (26 km), in the depths of which three rivers flows at once and the largest Victoria waterfall (128 m high and 1708 m wide), located on the Zambezi River. Of great interest among tourists are the Chango Gaves caves in Cape and Stercfontteant near Johannesburg, which are located at a depth of 40 meters. It was in these caves that paleontologists discovered the skull of a woman who lived in these places about 2 million. years ago. These caves make up part of the world heritage and are protected by UNESCO.