What attracts us to Switzerland?

What is really so interesting this country that tourists around the world find in it, and how they spend their time, resting in one of the most beautiful particle of the earth?

And by the beginning of the time, when many begins the vacation season, the Swiss decided to find out what traditions and merits cause a storm of emotions and sympathy and tourists coming here. Let’s start with what this amazing Switzerland is associated with in our understanding. And in the first place we can easily attribute cheesepiece. Without cheese, it is already impossible to imagine a pleasant warm evening of our gourmet in the company with a bottle of wine. Further in second place are local folklore music and dancing. Sometimes it’s so nice to sit in a good company behind a bottle of playful wine, try the cheeses of various types and listen to divine music.

Small steps we got to third place. What attracts so much tourists from the point of view of the geographical factor. Yes, it is the Alps that are steep slopes and alluring peaks, among which any tourist wants to spend his time. The impressions received here will remain for a long time. The next point we can note the game on the alpine mountains, an amazing huge tool. And even when we see that cute girls dressed in local national costumes play on this tool, there is no limit to the joy that we get in full.

And so, fifth place here is what a skillful way is harvested hay. Units of tourists at the sight of a huge stack traveling towards them can remain calm. The well -known yodl – the funny manner of singing rightfully takes an honorable sixth place. Well, we could not pass the medieval Swiss tradition to throw the flag into the air, where the main task is still that many years ago. Loaders-ledges throw the flags so that the panel of the flag itself does not make a turn around the shaft and even more so not confused.

When sunset approaches, you can hear the prayer of the shepherds. All lovers spend their time calmly, quietly, at ease can safely be immersed. In ninth place remains the royal game of many peoples – golf. But since this sport is Swiss, then for some we explain its feature. The game itself is a general community, in which one participating group throws the ball, but the second tries to repel it with the help of special clubs, which, let’s say, are more like shovels. We advise renting apartments in Spain for relaxation with the whole family.

Summing up our rating of your favorite fun, we note the national struggle of Schengen. This representation itself can take place in any created ring, the floor of which is showered with sawdust. For this, the competitions choose the most powerful and healthy men, on which very spacious shorts are put on. The task of our athletes to knock the opponent from their feet as soon as possible and subsequently overturn it on the back. The winner is honored and praise, and he is also awarded with interesting prizes, for example, this may even be a bell for a cow.