What you need to know when visiting Finland.

Seventh larger, occupies a place in Europe, Finland. The country’s area is 3338,000 kilometers in a square, and the population is about 5 million. Helsinki city – capital. Parliamentary type of government. In stock of state languages ​​Swedish and Finnish. The country of Finland, a member of the European Union, and the main monetary unit in the territory of the euro state. Climate conditions: a lot of snow in winter, temperature from 3 degrees heat, and to – 15, summer in Finland is quite warm. According to religious aspects in the country, mostly the flock of the Evangelical Church, about 86%, about 1% of the Orthodox, and less than one percent of Jehovah’s servants and Pentecostals. You can travel in Finland with various types of movement. If you protect your time, you can fly by local air traffic lines. Aircraft company reliably connects 22 cities of the countries. For more economical travelers there is a train and a bus. In these modes of transport there are a system of discounts on a ticket, for groups and children. There is a metro in the capital, trams and buses. The price of tickets is about 1.5 euros, subscription travel for 10 trips 12 euros. There is a clear rule, there is no ticket, you enter the front door, and buy from the driver. You can rent a car for rent, there must be rights, the age of at least 21 years, the availability of a credit card. You can call from any telephone machine an international communication line. Tourists can stop at local hotels. Finnish hotels are not subjected to stars in Europe, they have their own assessment, their own standard. Hotel 2*, always has a sauna and in the rooms is clean and comfortable. Some hotels have their own water park, this is a real highlight in the northern latitudes. In addition to hotels, you can live in campsites and on farms. Shops work from morning to evening, large stores up to 22- In Finland, in memory of the country, a tourist can take souvenirs, different crafts of local craftsmen, deer horns and skins. After the celebration of Christmas in stores and local shops, discounts on the goods can be up to 70%.In Finland, hills prevail, and skiing brings great pleasure, both a novice skier and already tourists who have mastered a ski descent. Equipment and equipment issued in excellent condition, the tracks are well -groomed and are in good condition. All this brings great satisfaction from skiing. National cuisine displays the Finnish love for various fish and meat delicacies. A kind of preparation of certain dishes made these dishes by the visiting cards of the country. These include the preparation of the “gate” it consists of: flour of rye, pastry milk, eggs, sour cream, cereals, mashed potatoes and melted oil. Famous Finnish fish dishes – “Gravi Kirilokhi” made of trout rainbow in its own juice. I would like to note that the national cuisine is quite simple and nutritious. In food establishments, and hotels, it is not customary to give tea, but if you are very satisfied with service, you can simply not take change.