What to do in Greece?

A trip to Greece will give you a lot of impressions, because you can combine a whole complex of entertainment programs. First of all, this is a walk around the cities whose history has several centuries. During this time, an interesting architecture, as well as culture, customs and cuisine of Greece, have been formed. Visiting museums, dilapidated temples and monasteries – all this will allow you to get closer to the culture of this country.

What else to do in Greece? Since in Greece the sun shines for almost a whole year and there is a soft climate, many come here to beach holidays. On the islands you can soak up in the warm waves of the sea, lie down on snow -white sand and, of course, enjoy an excellent sunset. The choice of the island will also remain with you, this is either Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Santorini, Lesbos and many others. Each island has its own amazing story, which is evidenced by the cultural monuments preserved on them.

There is another option than to do in Greece. This option is most suitable for those who love shopping and the purchase of exotic things. It can be like simple souvenirs, various spices and products typical of Greece, and branded clothes that are inexpensive here.